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Molly av Vazwú Nal

Woiking Wknd

        There’s a saying:
On the eve of any great achievement, one final screw-up will threaten to ruin everything. How you handle that screw-up will show whether you’re ready to achieve your goal.

--The Family Forge by Ariel Cinii

Instead of enjoying myself anywhere I stayed home with my malfunctioning homoffis. In spite of this I edited and created cover designs for the next WormholeElectric.com novella, The Organized Seer Organized Seer proto-cover

And...  I finished the cover for MY NEW ALBUM. D'al Thyann, to be available at ConCertino, and hopefully elsewhere in the near future:

D"al Thyann Pink cover

BUT... Molly's Chicklet style "new" keyboard suffered a major stroke due to exposure to a spray cleaning fluid. I didn't think a towel wipe would cause so much problems, but the L key and the numbers 1-9 do not function any more. The O key came back, which gave me momentary hope, but not the rest.  The "old keyboard" is back, but a couple of keys are hard to push down. Spending money may be the only solution at this point, less to spend for ConCertino or the Replacement Mac some time in future.

The trouble with the Future is it hasn't happened yet. There's still a nagging doubt in my Reality Check sub-routine that says, "You haven't received a hard copy of anything yet, so now do you know it's for real?" 

Bad news: I didn't even get the chance to buy any ice cream to compensate for lack-of-Baitcon.


I just linked to this via my LJ so people can see your artwork.
How soon do you need to replace the keyboard? I will ask Spencer if he can spare any of our spares in the basement, provided you are using a Mac.

Edited at 2012-06-25 08:19 pm (UTC)
Abby is mac based.
I'm currently on the old keyboard, so it's not crucial, just ANNOYING!
So, do you need USB or older?
I just bought the sick one in the Fall, so I nay just have to repeat the purchase. The overall goal is to wind up with a new Mac at some point and the keyboard was supposed to be a step in that direction.