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This is Summer Solstice on the Super-Economy Plan. E.g., things are so out of date that this userpic shows my old Mac Moll'ie Ra positioned where the sofa-bed sits now in front of the window where a tree has been growing for at least the past four years.

My toilet's still clogged. Bank balance : $50
Next payday: June 24 (Sat.), but it will appear in banc on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday thereafter.

I have food, but am virtually empty on Rx; I'm presumably visiting Jamaica Mark next week for my refill: $100.

Contata starts tomorrow.  I'm suppposed to be Hotel Liaison.  I looked up the fare for NYC- MORRISTOWN : $14 each way, presumably $28 r/t. $11 cash (4 subway rides) goto Metrocrud.  Arriving in Morristown 2ish.  I'll presumably stay w/ rogow at $130, which will presumably void available accounts, as would  ANY unexpected expenses past this.

Meanwhile,  the Breast Cancer Foundation people called and asked  for money. I told them they'd have to wait. Con Ed sent me a notice:

"WE were recently asked to open a new account with a Social Security number matching the one on your account shown above.."

Expecting danger signals, I spent 15 minutes on telephone learning that my real SSN does not match my real account, this after spending 10 minutes asking if this was a scam. If the power fails, I suppose we'll know for sure.

The rent will be due next week. My roommate shall have been deceased almost a month by then. In his honour, I went to see Wonder Woman, and for my peace of mind, I'm going to Contata. I'll be out of money after that.  You're probably  doing better than I am, so don't ask.
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