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By my best estimate, I believe that I have written data regularly in LiveJoural for ten yars in real, human time.

That means I am now 63 years old.

My ex, back when she was still just The Wife, or Galatonea, kept warning me that she'd leave me one day and I'd be Alone.  Okay, so my roommate died, an here I am, alone.

alone :: ëbora (adj./adv.).

And I like it that way. And in the worst of times there's a room full of crap I can ge rid of.

I am "young and healthy", so far as I know. No great grey swatches in the comb just yet, and only hms42 even mentioned crossing over to Dreamwidth, and that was at otherdeb's dinner at Curry Heights on Rmsen Street. I had Banana Pakora, Beef Korma and 2 out of 3 pieces of Aloo Paratha. I was FULL UP.

But then I stared writing real  text for The New Baby Bird, with more to come. I started to feel the narrator, Emajin.  I still take a healthy walk around sunset, or the Vazw'u Nal.  Speaking of which, time to go.

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This work was Produced Under The Influence To Influence Others Positively (PUTITIOP*). Security is an allusion.
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