Sodyera (sodyera) wrote,

  • 15:05: RT @LewisHamilton: Honoured to hold the record for most Poles Positions. Thank you for being alongside me through this journey, #TeamLH 🙏🏽…
  • 15:05: RT @BBC_TopGear: Britain's made a 600bhp electric shooting brake! Looks lovely, hits 62mph in 3.5s and does 300 miles on a charge >> https…
  • 15:15: RT @BBC_TopGear: Want the full stat breakdown of our super-saloon shootout? BMW M3, Merc C63 S and Alfa Giulia against the clock >> https:…
  • 15:17: #YalDawo Fardôn (n.,acc.1, religious) “father of mystery”, the elder child of the gods Aram and Sarram in the Fejia pantheon.
Tags: #teamlh, #yaldawo

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