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Test Flights

{Sodyerin Tabaninssé}

21 February
New York
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I'm a science-fiction fan. Some will call me a science-fiction character; others will insist I'm just a character. I have failed at a sufficient number of ways to earn a living to be officially considered Disabled by the US Government, so this means I am also smart and very dilligent. Now I'm home most days happily writing: I write words. I write music. I write pictures! I can even write moving pictures! I've designed cities, whole planets! And what thanks do I get?

I've done some past-life recall and managed to open a database of history and language not necessarily native to this world. In fact, name I'm using means FLIGHT, as the whole blog experience has been a test-flight for me. Given enough internal energy and external feedback I might just go on a bit about some of this, possibly in the form of, oh, I dunno, STORIES with plots and characters and stuff like that. So I'll just insert the odd pieces of one proto-novel or another from time to time. Failing this, I'll just sit around, complain about things and giggle at all the fnords in current media. OBEY. WORK. MARRY AND REPRODUCE. You Earth people are a trip!

But really, I'm a lot more fun than that.